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Infinitee designs, develops and delivers products and services to meet the mobile computing needs of a large range of companies and users. Our focus is to deliver the best in class functionality that is easy to use, reliable, secure and manageable.

Helping You Gain Control

Australian companies have followed the global trend toward providing employees with mobile devices that enable them to process information where and when needed.

This industry has grown rapidly driven by new technologies, improved networks and an increasing range of applications.

However, with over 25 years of experience in this business, Infinitee aims to inform you that there are lessons to be learned over time from the risks and costs of mobile computing support.

You may be feeling that mobile computing costs are getting out of control - the time is now to tackle this issue and avoid:

  • support costs spreading across IT, operations and user satisfaction;
  • complexity impacting duplication of effort and achievement of goals;
  • operation pressures extending across admin support, business and IT.